Asbestos Collections

Here at TLM Management, we collect asbestos all across the Essex area and even some parts of London.

We keep specially designed containers in stock for Asbestos collections to ensure that we are compliant with the latest legislation.

What is asbestos? 
Asbestos was banned in the late 20th centaury but was originally used in the construction industry to build many of the homes and buildings we use today. When broken down, asbestos can release tiny fibers into the atmosphere, which when inhaled, can cause serious diseases such as Asbestosis and cancer. This is why it is important to make sure that asbestos is disposed by a licensed company to ensure it doesn't cause any harm to the environment, or anyone that comes into contact with it.
Qualified asbestos removal 

Did you know you need a special license to transport asbestos? Our driver will be ADR qualified, carry the necessary paperwork and our vehicles will maintained to be fully compliant with current regulations. We will always provide a consignment note for all asbestos collections. Your asbestos will come back to our fully licensed transfer station in Basildon, Essex, or taken straight to a licensed asbestos disposal point.

What container should I store my asbestos in?
We provide a sealed and secured skip and a roll on container.

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