Clinical Waste

TLM Management Clinical Waste Division can manage all of your clinical waste needs. We provide the containers where required, and the correct documentation, every time we visit.

What is Clinical Waste?
Clinical waste is defined as waste which can pose a threat to human health or the environment. This waste type needs to be contained, handled and collected separately to other waste streams. TLM Management have fully trained staff who are qualified to handle all of the below waste streams.

Clinical waste can be categorised further into the following:


This refers to any types of waste that may puncture the skin. There are different classifications of sharps as different types are handled/disposed off in different methods. Our experts can assist in the correct containers for the different types of sharp waste. Examples include hypodermic needles and scalpels. 

Waste Medicines and Pharmaceutical Waste
The vast majority of pharmaceutical waste is non hazardous but still needs to be packaged and disposed of correctly. Our experts can assist you with all types of pharmaceutical wastes.   

Offensive Waste
Offensive Waste poses no risk of infection but it defined as ‘unpleasant for those who may come into contact with it.’ Examples include, nappies and sanitary waste. 

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