Plastic Recycling

Here at TLM Management we collect plastics from all of the Essex area. We have a range of different sized containers to meet the needs of your business and have dedicated lorries for specific waste streams to ensure we recycle as much as possible, as well as keeping customers prices as low as possible!

How is the waste collected?
Plastic can go in a wide range of containers—we recommend enclosed containers so loose material doesn't blow around but we have plenty of customers who use open containers, or bale their plastics for us to collect on our curtainsider. Pictured below are our most poplar container choices for plastics, but we do have many other options including trade waste bins, skips and more!

Why should I recycle my plastic?
Other than a greener image for your company and the obvious recycling benefits, did you know that certain grades of plastic can earn you a rebate? That means you could be earning money from recycling! 

What happens to my plastic collected?
All of our plastics comes back to our own waste facility in Basildon to be graded and baled before heading off to a plastic recycling facility in Europe. Once it arrives at the facility, it gets washed to remove any la-bels and debris and sorted further. The plastic then gets granulated down. Once it is granulated, it gets heated into a liquid before being turned into long strands which are cooled in hardened water and chopped into pellets to be shipped to different companies to be made into new products.

IMG_4164 removebg-preview

Front End Loader

8—10 yard containers 
IMG_9913 removebg-preview

Roll On/Roll Offs

20—40 yard open RoRo
35—40 yard enclosed RoRo
RORO_40_YARD removebg-preview


Our articulated curtainsider comes with a MOFFETT and trained driver so we can load ourselves at your site

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