Product Destruction

TLM Management offers the secure destruction of sensitive items as one of our many services we provide. 

How does it work?
We can collect your waste from you on one of our various different lorries, the most popular option being on our curtain sid-ed articulated lorry which comes with a MOFFETT should you need the driver to load the vehicle for you. However, we have had customers who have smaller amounts of goods who have used our smaller curtainsider vehicle, or our roll on roll off service. Our drivers are vetted and our vehicles tracked so you know where your waste is at all times.

Alternatively, you can bring material to our site yourself.
Our site is covered by CCTV which is backed by a RAID system so if you need footage or photographs of your material being shredded this can be facilitated. We have also had customers come down and witness the destruction of their goods which you are welcome to do —please be advised, we do ask that you wear PPE.

How are the goods destroyed?
Once the waste arrives at our site in Basildon, we put it through our industrial shredder which shreds the material down to 12-15mm pieces to ensure that it is rendered useless. 

Once the material is destroyed, the material will either go for recycling or to a waste to energy facility. You will be issued with a certificate of destruction once the goods are destroyed. All goods are destroyed the same day as collection. 

What can be destroyed?
We can destroy a wide range of materials ensuring they don’t end up back on the market. Some of the more common ones we have destroyed to date include:

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IMG_9913 removebg-preview

Counterfeit goods including clothes, shoes and bags

RORO_40_YARD removebg-preview

Expired make up and perfumes

IMG_4164 removebg-preview

Seized goods

IMG_9913 removebg-preview

Recalled toys and products

RORO_40_YARD removebg-preview

Incorrectly labelled food items

How is the waste collected?
We have a wide range of containers in stock at all times, so we can deliver a container straight to your site to fill up. Once it’s full drop us an email or give us a ring and we can collect or exchange your container.

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2 - 16 yard containers 
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Roll On/Roll Offs

20—40 yard containers
RORO_40_YARD removebg-preview

Articulated Lorry Collection

For collection of material that is usually larger in size

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